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To donate to California Homeless Resources, simply e-mail Matt at
CHR is currently working on obtaining 501(c)(3) status, as a result, it is not possible to take tax
deductions for donations at this time. However, please be assured that 100% of the funds which
are donated go toward helping those who are experiencing homelessness.

Help us get the Non-Profit Status. Click the widget below and please
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Working with the Homeless
California Homeless Resources (CHR) purchases items at the 99 Cent Store which are then donated to folks who are
struggling to live on the streets. Approximately once a week, the “God Van” is parked close to a homeless encampment
and the doors are open for those in need. People get to choose whatever they can use.
This was the most special moment I have had so far. I was able to pull up on
this gal that desperately needed a pair of shoes. It was cold and she was
barefoot. She was so grateful for these shoes. What a simple thing to do... I just
passed on a pair of shoes that someone passed on to me.
Some awesome people helped by the "God Van"
Matt Kennedy, the Founder of California Homeless
Resources and the visionary behind the idea of the “God
Van” has experienced homelessness himself and
started this project from his van during a period of being
un-housed. He used Facebook and other social media
to get donations and went directly to the streets and
gave out what was donated. Below are photos of some
of the wonderful people whom he met during his journey.
Matt serves as an inspiration as to what one person can
do to make a difference in the lives of others.
The "God Van"
Some supplies I deliver in the "God Van"
from the 99 Cent Store
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