California Homeless Resources
"Color for Balance"
I named this first coloring book "Color for Balance". I named it this because it has given me so much
balance and serenity in my life. It is amazing how one simple act of sitting down and JUST
focusing on coloring, one thing like this can change your whole day!

This Coloring Book has helped so many people so far... People e-mail me from all over the world and
say things like:  "I have a hard time finding adult coloring books near me and I found yours and
LOVE it! It has helped me though my surgery". I LOVE the fact that this book is helping people!!!
This coloring book is also helping me by creating it for you, I am making about 1-2 coloring designs
a week so check back often as I update the website about every day. You can also follow my "Color
for Balance"
Blog and other social media to see new designs as they come out.
What I am doing RIGHT NOW!
I am going to the streets of Fresno/Clovis where I live and
supporting the
Poverello House.
I am going to take my "fearless Firebird" to the streets of
Fresno/clovis and pass out needed item like:
Please help me give to these people that are desperately in need
of warm things. They are some very cold streets out there and
NEED these donations. THANKS! Matt
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